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"Integrity is choosing to leave behind what is easy, and instead, searching for the truth. For the truth is almost never easy, and what is easy is almost never true."

- Daniel Corbett


GRIT LIFT was created by me, Daniel Corbett - NASM CPT, Precision Nutrition PN1 Coach, 7 year bodybuilder, and current student physical therapist assistant. I made GRIT LIFT to give everyone access to what I thoroughly believe are some of the best evidence-based lifting and nutrition protocols out there. As bodybuilders, gym-goers, or aspiring to be either, we all know that we must work hard. This we know for sure. Past that, the average joe bodybuilder, or dare I say many top bodybuilder's workouts, recovery methods, and nutrition methods, are based on gym tradition. Gym tradition, as I will define it now, is a technique, tip, or trick that has been used by bodybuilders or gym-goers that becomes common knowledge and is then passed down to the next generation.

Not all of these gym traditions are bad, but many are. Many gym-goers and bodybuilders base their workouts on anecdotal evidence and gym tradition, but not scientific evidence applied to lifting. Additionally, there are gym traditions that don't have a lot of scientific evidence that seem, for now, to be beneficial. That being said, I personally believe it is my job as a personal trainer, coach, lover of bodybuilding, and educated individual to do my best to combine the most current evidence-based lifting protocols and the best beneficial gym traditions, to optimize results. I do this because I care. I care about being the best I can be, and I care that the hard work we put in day in and day out produces the best possible results it can. We deserve no less. GRIT LIFT is about knowing we need to work hard, and knowing that working hard in the gym is not enough. We must optimize and implement strategies that are proven to keep giving us lasting results. Or, at least I need to, and you can join me in reaping the benefits of it through GRIT LIFT, and keep on building lasting results as you and I continue to grow and learn.



To deliver the best possible evidence-based lifting, nutrition, and coaching protocols to GRIT LIFT clients.


Improve the fitness industry by setting a higher standard of practice for personal training/coaching.



I've had an interest in fitness since I was little, which mainly stemmed from an insecurity of being called chubby as a kid. Once I became a teenager, I started to love fitness and the process of lifting and making progress. I wrestled throughout high school and was captain for a couple  of years as well. I was never the best, but I was willing to work extremely hard to be the best I could be. My work ethic has always been a strength of mine. I also have two black belts, one in Shotokan Karate and Hakoru Juijitsu, which took me twelve years to obtain.


When I graduated high school, I decided I wanted to focus on lifting weights. This eventually led me into bodybuilding, which is when I started to make what I considered real progress as far as muscle building goes. I fell in love with it. In 2015-2016, I competed in four Men's Physique competitions through the NPC, and placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 6th in the last one. Most recently, I competed in the WNBF California Muscle Mayhem in July 2022, placing 3rd in the middle weight class.


My qualifications:

* Associates of Applied Health Sciences

* Colorado State Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant 

* Certified Sports Nutrition Coach - Precision Nutrition

* Personal Trainer/Coaching Experience: 4 years.

* Personal Bodybuilding/Weight Lifting Experience: 8 years


I created GRIT LIFT to help people. Bodybuilding has changed my life in many ways, and I love seeing it do the same for others.

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